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New Product: Waldmann Lavigo

Waldmann 1

German lighting company Waldmann is widely acknowledged to be a significant innovator in the lighting industry developing lighting for the industrial, architectural and medical fields. Waldmann's elegant and effective lighting solutions integrate seamlessly with RJ's popular Project T, Actif sit-to-stand and Pike workstations. The modular LAVIGO LED luminaire family features clean rectangular lines with slightly rounded corners offers a simple elegance that cannot fail to impress.

Waldmann 2

Waldmann Lavigo integrated into RJ's Project T workstation

Designer Jürgen Schubert's solution adapts well to different office designs with both free-standing and desk-mounted versions available. Waldmann's direct share—for even distribution of light—and the indirect share—for pleasant basic lighting—are individually dimmable to fulfil the personal needs of each user. LAVIGO also comes with the PULSE VTL light management system that simulates natural daylight and adjusts the light colour and brightness to the time of day.

Waldmann 3

Waldmann Ataro integrated into RJ's Pike workstation

Waldmann lights are now available at the RJ showroom. Contact the RJ team on 02 9299 9090 (Sydney head office), 03 9417 6988 (Melbourne showroom) or via email to discuss a solution for your next project.