New Product

New Product: Hydra height adjustable workstation

Hydra Height

HYDRA is a new freestanding, height-adjustable workstation.

Available with a sleek black powder coated, adjustable steel spring frame, HYDRA offers a range of seating or standing heights with a hardwearing laminate top available in a range of colours. HYDRA’s gas assisted mechanism utilises intuitive dual left and right ‘hand bars’ to simply lift or lower the height of the desk making this one of the simplest sit-to-stand mechanisms available today.

Hydra Height 2

With some workplace tasks best performed whilst seated and others whilst standing, HYDRA offers a simple 2-in-1 solution for both user scenarios. The central tenet of sit-to-stand is the creation of a sense of physical well being in the office by the improved employee health offered by a greater range of movement. Unsurprisingly, ACT Health in Canberra is seeing the value in sit-to-stand and has specified HYDRA due to its simple to use mechanism and solid value for money.

Hydra Height 3

Contact the RJ team on 02 9299 9090 (Sydney head office), 03 9417 6988 (Melbourne showroom) or via email to discuss HYDRA or the creation of a bespoke solution for your next project.