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New Product: Actif

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RJ's sit-to-stand solution

Continuing with our theme of activity based working (ABW) and sit-to-stand solutions, RJ announces the new Actif workstation range. Understanding the benefits of sit-to-stand has been a motivating force for RJ to implement the practice in our offices, as well as to develop a commercially available solution for our Australian and International customers.

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The central tenet of sit-to-stand is the creation of a sense of physical well-being in the office by the improved employee health offered by a greater range of movement. Actif workstations are available in two height configurations, (610 to 1250mm or 720 to 1130mm) with a variety of height adjustable mechanisms including a German made two and three stage electric dual motor solution capable of handling up to 120kg in addition to a hand cranked or technician height-adjustable pin version.

Actif also features a fully developed cable management system. Services are reticulated in a hinged cable trunking below the desk where cables are concealed allowing them to travel between workpoints. Power and data outlets are also offered in the desk or below. Cable chain between cable trunking and the services hub ensures a clean and aesthetically sound travel of cables in otherwise messy situation.

Screens are either with powdercoated frame or frameless with a variety of accessories including desk mounted shelves, cable trays and monitor arms allowing the user to have all the necessities within arm’s reach. Our new “Can.Go” combination personal drawer/laptop bag makes it easy to depart for a meeting or a presentation with your laptop, drawings and other documents.

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Actif has recently been installed in a variety of high-profile projects including Knight Frank Global, Genesis Care, UTS Broadway, Aberdeen Asset Management, PHD and Qantas Credit Union. RJ stands by the quality of the Actif solution and backs this up with a ten year warranty.

RJ live-and-breathe sit-to-stand desking, with around half our employees choosing this type of desk. You can contact the RJ team on 02 9299 9090 or to discuss a sit-to-stand solutions for your next project.