Timeless Design in the Workplace: An Expert Guide for Choosing Ageless Office Furniture

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When designing your ideal office space, it can be easy to get swept away by the most apparent factors: functionality, aesthetics, space and more. Something as simple as a desk that’s too large or an office chair that’s too short could upset the balance, making this process one that could last forever without proper guidance.  

Still, even once this hard work is complete, some designers overlook a crucial question: Will it last?

Though office furniture isn’t regarded as highly as the interiors of mansions or luxury resorts, it still depends on the same rules. Over time, it becomes increasingly obvious which office spaces are timeless versus those that are not — and it’s something every business should consider.

At RJ Office, we know a thing or two about how workplace furniture can influence workplace experiences. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of this essential design factor to ensure your vision remains timeless for years to come.


What Is Timeless Office Design?

So, what exactly does “timeless” mean when it comes to choosing office furniture? Could it be a specific shade of wallpaper, a particular desk layout or something else entirely?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to any of these questions. Like tastes in fashion, food, and drink, interior designs are based more on subjective feelings than strict parameters. To put it simply, timeless design has something called “staying power”; it is crafted to last for years — not temporarily — and continues to stand out even as styles change. Accents and accessories may be added or altered to replenish its appearance.

Now, this doesn’t mean there aren’t proven tips that can help you achieve this feat. After years of studying workplace styles, we have discovered a few rules closely associated with timeless designs. Keep these recommendations in mind as you set up your next workplace:


1.     Balance is Key

Virtually nothing in nature is perfect, but that doesn’t keep humans from being drawn to the phenomenon of pure symmetry. As such, this is an idea you can use to your advantage through office furniture. Though not everything requires a pair, ensuring most items have a “matching half” is a simple hack that can significantly enhance your office’s aesthetics; matching desks are a popular option. 


ACTIF sit-stand workstation



2.     Embrace Modernity

If the world is changing to become more innovative and progressive, then so should your designs. Office furniture that appears stuck in the past won’t do much to keep your workplace looking energetic and prepared for the future. Instead, opt for pieces that challenge the status quo and encourage excitement. Not only will it spice up the appearance of your office space, but it also represents your company’s determination to stay in-tune with society.

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3.     Keep it Functional

Every single item in your office should serve a specific function and do so effectively. If you find your workspace cluttered with elements that don’t enhance a particular factor, eliminate them. Now, this doesn’t mean to throw out decorations; as long as they’re providing a purpose, whether to foster a certain mood or accessorise an otherwise bland space, they can stay.

PODS - workstation

4.     Use Lighting to Your Advantage

When it comes to lighting, prioritise natural sources over everything else. Large windows will provide enough light to illuminate desks and offer a timeless feel, simultaneously helping you to save electricity. Once you’ve fostered a proper amount of natural light, incorporate LED lights to enhance the environment.

WALDMANN LAVIGO lighting solution


5.     Focus on Quality

Ultimately, no workplace style can stand the test of time if the office furniture isn’t top quality. From a cheaper appearance to needing regular replacements, low-grade desks or office chairs can be a bane. Though it may be tempting to settle for more affordable options, premium products will maintain employee satisfaction and save you money in the long run.

BETA task/executive chair

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