Fast Furniture - What It Is and Why You Should Avoid It

Furniture Waste

Ever since the industrial revolution, it seems like society is only growing more obsessed with the concept of purchasing products — and purchasing them fast. From massive superstores to 24/7 online retailers, it’s easier than ever to find items to solve our various needs. However, whether these items are worth your dollar isn’t always an easy answer.

When it comes to essential products like office furniture, there are two main factors most look at before anything else: price and quality. Decades ago, the distinction between both was clear — most (if not all) furniture cost a pretty penny, but it was designed to last you well. In other words, it was worth saving up for, and people knew that.   

Today, the situation is a bit different. So, let’s talk about it. 





What is Fast Furniture?


Here’s a challenge: Make a quick Google search for anything office related, like workstations, chairs, or another furniture piece. How many results did that search produce? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

Likely, that number is somewhere in the millions. Now, aside from the sheer quantity of options available, is there anything else that you notice? Perhaps, the prices some of those items are going for? 

That’s right: Ridiculously cheap office furniture is no longer something you could only find at a yard sale. Instead, it’s a few clicks away.

So, what’s the reason behind this drastic change? Well, once you look at what other industries are doing, it’s not difficult to understand. Chances are, you’ve already heard about one of the largest culprits behind this rising trend.

Fast fashion.

The concept is simple: Clothing companies outsource the cheapest labour and materials they can find, strive to create new products as quickly as possible, and then sell them to consumers at prices far lower than competitors who use sustainable manufacturing processes.

The result? Well, there are a lot of problems with this process, but the main issue is that these items aren’t designed to last. Those $8 T-shirts survive a season or two, only to be thrown out once the colour has faded after a few washes, and then are quickly replaced with another outfit.

Unfortunately, this wasteful cycle of production is making its way into the world of office furniture, and it’s crucial that consumers keep an eye out for these products. Yes, that office desk going for $60 on eBay might seem like a bargain, but imagine what sacrifices manufacturers made to sell it for that price.





How to Avoid Fast Furniture


With the overabundance of “fast” products sneaking their way into our lives every day, it might seem impossible to find office furniture that wasn’t made from one of these manufacturers. Well, thanks to the rise in awareness surrounding these malicious production practices, there are a few strategies you can use to avoid accidentally supporting it.

  1. Invest in Lasting Furniture: Those low prices can be incredibly tempting, especially when compared to a piece that’s a few hundred dollars more expensive. However, investing in an office workstation that costs more — but is high-quality — can save you more money in the long run, as you won’t have to consistently replace those “fast” pieces that break down after minimal use.
  2. Support Conscious Companies: To combat an industry laden with “fast” manufacturers, there are dozens of new eco-conscious companies offering office furniture crafted using sustainable production practices.
  3. Don’t Chase Trends: Trends can be fun to follow, but it’s also important to understand their real purpose: To get you to buy more, more, and more. Consider purchasing timeless pieces that’ll last a lifetime, rather than office desks and chairs that’ll appear “last season” in a few months.




Making the changes necessary to avoid fast furniture can seem difficult at first glance, but it’s a decision that’ll not only benefit your life (and office), but also the planet. Remember: “Fast” doesn’t always mean “best.” Let’s all try taking things slow, for a change.


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