Does Wooden Office Furniture Belong in the Modern Workplace?

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With more office furniture options gracing the market than ever, it can be tempting to let considerations slide regarding their materials and environmental impacts. Ultimately, modern workplaces require products that promise optimum practicality, lest they risk reducing productivity and — as a result — business revenue.

However, it’s crucial to remember that these items can have just as large of an effect on our world as cheap fashion items, fast food, and products from other production-heavy industries. 

Don’t worry; that doesn’t mean supplying your workplace with office chairs will contribute to the downfall of our environment. As with any purchase, there are dozens of sustainable alternatives available that provide just as much efficiency, if not more.

One of the most compelling options to develop in recent years is wooden office workstations. Though this material might seem like just another trend, its advantages signify a drastic change in the approaches companies take when building their workspaces. With this in mind, let’s examine the choice further. 


Wooden Furniture and the Human Condition

Modern offices aren’t usually compared to the natural world. Most often, we relate these spaces to 21
st century industrial principles, reducing them to nothing more than giant structures of metal and glass.

This idea can be quite alienating for the human mind. Whether we realise it or not, our brains are always striving to find connections to nature, as being isolated from the natural world can pose a negative impact to our mental state and overall wellbeing.

Known as the biophilia hypothesis, this idea is one that we can already see being implemented through additions like office plants, gardens, and more. Something as simple as a Chinese evergreen placed atop an office desk could help keep employees centred and more focused, rather than disconnected from the outside world.

As you might’ve predicted, wooden office furniture can greatly enhance this benefit.  

Though it might not be the same as physically strolling through a forest, supplying your space with wooden office chairs, workstations, and more fosters an environment that feels recognisable and welcoming. Because of this, you could expect workers to feel more motivated, inspired, and happier during their time inside the office.

As a bonus, the material can be used almost anywhere: it can even be placed on walls to create a warm, embracing environment. Thanks to its highly versatile and modular construction, you’ll be able to experiment with as many configurations as you see fit.





Wooden Furniture and the Environment

Finally, it’s no secret that the furniture industry can have drawbacks when it comes to its environmental toll.

Unfortunately, to meet rising demands for office furniture, many suppliers of “fast furniture” have sprouted over the past few years, increasing the issue further. These providers sell pieces at record low prices and production times, enticing businesses to choose their discounts over conventional sellers. This does not come without an unseen cost, as manufacturers will use the cheapest materials and production processes possible — all of which significantly heightens their carbon impact.

Still, retailers like RJ Office strive to set a new standard in sustainability. Everything we produce is designed to minimise environmental impact as greatly as possible, reminding us to take responsibility for the ways our pieces interact with the world once they ship out.  





Wooden office furniture is a massive benefit to this mission. From office chairs to office desks, products built with the material boast incredible lifespans that allow them to receive far more use than their alternatives. Additionally, its insulating properties could help offices save on energy usage, reducing another toll on the environment.

Of course, once it’s time for these pieces to be retired, they can be replaced with zero guilt. Wooden items can easily be recycled and reused, rather than sent straight to an overcrowded landfill.

So, from its practical uses to emotional advantages, it’s evident that wooden office furniture may very well be the future of the modern workplace.

If you’d like some help choosing the perfect furniture for you or your business, contact RJ Office and our team of office furniture experts will be happy to assist.