4 Reasons Your Office Furniture Should Follow Principles of Modular Design

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Though the face of work is constantly changing, there seems to be one factor that never loses its importance when maintaining a productive workforce: office furniture.

As easy as it may be to dismiss something as simple as an office desk, humans remain heavily affected by our surroundings regarding creativity and efficiency. As such, choosing the look of your office workstations remains a crucial decision that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Fortunately, there are already various blueprints in place that you can follow to make this task easier. In this article, we’ll be looking at the principles of modular design and, more importantly, why it could belong in your workspace.



What is Modular Design?


Modular office furniture is a customisable alternative to conventional office desks and chairs, allowing owners to tailor their pieces as they see fit. 

Now, this doesn’t mean modular design is solely colourless cubicles lacking any personality, as modern culture sometimes paints it to be. Instead, it is an incredibly dynamic set of principles that enable workspaces to accommodate everyone and anyone thanks to its flexibility. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are some compelling reasons as to why your office should follow these principles.



1. Modular Design Maximises Workspace


Whether your office spans a 5,000 square foot complex or a 500 square foot studio, virtually every workforce in existence requires an optimised workspace to continue operations efficiently.

Office furniture plays a critical part in this step, as overbearing office workstations could make spaces cramped. At the same time, an overly minimal alternative could leave your workers missing the surface space they need.

This is where modular design comes into play. Thanks to their versatility, modular office desks and other pieces can be arranged in various ways, allowing you to keep your workspace optimised and dynamic rather than static and uncomfortable.


ACTIF back-to-back workstation



2. Modular Design Lets You Personalise Office Spaces


Traditional office spaces have been around for years, but that doesn’t mean they should always look the same. When it comes to employee satisfaction and retention, your workforce wants to view your company as a trailblazer that is already five years ahead — not one that is still stuck in the past. 

You have a unique opportunity to establish this feeling when choosing your office furniture. Rather than picking out the same bland, uninspired office desk setups we’ve known for years, consider opting for modular designs that offer something fresh and exciting.

Thanks to their customisability, you can personalise any layout according to your company’s core vision using modular office workstations, making your workspace truly one of a kind.


ACTIF 90° back-to-back workstation



3. Modular Design Is Cost-Effective


Regardless of size, all companies need to find ways to cut costs wherever they can. As office spaces only continue to grow, so too do expenses when it comes time to fill a workspace with office furniture.

With modular options, however, you can expect to require a far lower budget. Because of their flexible designs, modular office workstations are a breeze to assemble, resulting in reduced labour costs and a quicker start-up time. So, not only will you keep a few extra dollars in the bank, but your employees can also get back to work even quicker.


VOLT back-to-back workstation



4. Modular Design Keeps You Ahead of the Curve


When you think about your company keeping up with ever-changing office requirements, you might expect to continuously purchase the latest in office desks, supplies and other equipment.

However, by making just a few smart choices today, you can ensure your workspace remains modern for years to come. Choosing modular furniture is one of those essential decisions, as these dynamic pieces can always be altered to fit with advancements in work culture, technology, aesthetic styles and more.


VOLT 120° back-to-back workstation


SCALE 120° back-to-back workstation



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