3 Steps to Find the Right Furniture Supplier for Your Project

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It may be easier than ever to find a furniture supplier. In just a few clicks, you can receive thousands — if not millions — of results displaying the best options available. Sounds great, right?

Though this is undoubtedly an advantage over previous decades, it can also be a curse in disguise. With so many companies to file through, it can be challenging to know which one to choose to supply you with office workstations, chairs, and other workplace needs.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. If you find yourself quickly overwhelmed by this process, these steps may be what you need to find the best furniture supplier without spending hours searching.



1. Look for Suppliers Who Prioritise Quality


Though there are more products than ever gracing international markets, that doesn’t mean all of them will offer you the quality you deserve — in fact, it can mean the exact opposite. We’ve talked about the downfalls of fast furniture companies in the past, and how similar their dangers are to other industries (like fashion). 

So, though you might find a supplier who offers office desks and chairs at an eye-popping bargain, it’s essential to understand what you’re sacrificing for that discount: usually, quality.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for premier furniture, but it also means you should be wary about suppliers who seem too good to be true — they usually are.

Fortunately, a simple scroll through a supplier’s website can be enough to confirm whether they prioritise quality. For instance, are they shy about sharing what materials they use in their products? Is there a notable absence of testimonials? Does the company seem secluded and secretive?

If you’re looking at a trustworthy supplier, the answer to the above questions should be “No.”





2. Look for Suppliers Who Understand Your Industry


Finding a supplier who creates quality products is just as essential as finding one who understands their client: You!

Why is that? Well, imagine ordering a vegan meal at a hotdog stand. Aside from the fact that you probably wouldn’t buy it in the first place, would you expect the cook to be familiar with the recipe?

The same goes for your project. For instance, if you need to fill up an empty office space, you need a partner with a proven track record of creating office workstations, desks, and other pieces. Or, if you’re a school that needs a rehaul of its desks, you’ll need one that has worked with educational facilities in the past.

By choosing a supplier with tangible experience serving your industry, you won’t have to worry about them misunderstanding your requirements or falling short of your expectations. Chances are, they’ve already helped dozens of similar clients before.





3. Look for Suppliers Who Sell Solutions, Not Products


This point may be one of the more difficult ones to understand at first. After all, what’s the difference between a solution and a product? Aren’t they the same?

Not exactly. 

When it comes to office furniture, it’s easy to sell products. Almost any company with the right connections can start producing office chairs, desks, and more. But are they really striving to provide solutions for your industry? Or are they simply hoping to increase revenue however possible by rolling out new items every month?

The difference can be challenging to notice at first, as it mostly comes down to the details. As an example, we can look at our Volt office workstation. Rather than create any other conventional desk, we strived to solve the issue of static office spaces by creating one that enabled users to perform tasks either seated or standing — all at just one workstation.

So, look for suppliers that aim to improve current furniture trends — not simply recreate them. Then, using the rest of these steps, find a long-term partner who truly has your best interests in mind.

Contact the RJ Office team to discuss any of our products or the creation of a bespoke solution for your next office furniture project/fit-out.